Thursday, April 16, 2020

Tips for a Smooth Transition from Regular Schools to Online Schools

The rapid spread of coronavirus has forced schools and other educational institutions to consider and prepare for the closure of an indefinite time period. Many of the institutions are switching to the online mode of learning. Regular schools are tying up with online schools to continue teaching their students. Many students are also directly enrolling into online schools for seamless learning.
Enrollment in online schools anyway takes place all around the year. Whether there are academically stressed students, emotionally stressed students who have been victims of bullying or if families are relocating due to work commitments, all prefer online schooling. Online learning can be extremely engaging and give good results.
High-quality study content and accredited high school diplomas ensure a satisfactory transition to the digital mode of learning. This also ensures an undisrupted online learning experience.
It can be difficult to leave your brick and mortar school and suddenly study in an online school.

So, here are some tips to make sure that you have a smooth transition to the world of online education-

  • Prepare for flexibility: The most significant feature of an online school as compared to regular schools or public schools is the flexibility it offers. There is no ringing of bells to instruct students when to switch classes or force them to follow the same curriculum as everyone else. Students have the liberty to select courses of their choice and prepare their own time table as per their comfort.
Students can study as much as they can grasp at one go and take breaks as needed to channelize their concentration in online learning set up. These breaks can be in the form of watching television or attending a cooking class…all as per own wishes. Parental guidance and monitoring in initial stages are critical to ensure that online students do not lose focus or begin to procrastinate.
  • Take time to regulate: Parents should not weigh digital education equally with education in traditional schools. Both parents and students should have a clear idea and a fresh outlook on courses, types of study material and assessment methodology.
Parents also need to teach the correct use of the internet and online learning portal to students or help them with assignments. Additionally, in most of the online schools, an academic counsellor guides the students helping them familiarize with the system.  Parents need to observe and realize the most productive time slots for their children and prepare their daily routine accordingly.
  • Parent-Student Partnership: Students will probably compare the new online school to their past experience. Parents must always consider their point of view and involve them in all stages of decision making. Course selection or formation of time table, it's necessary to understand the student’s interest and comfort.
  • Remain Socially Involved: Online education does not mean that students have to study or work in isolation. All their other activities remain the same as before. It is significant to make sure that students maintain their social connections even while switching to an online school.
A good balance between academics, sports and other extracurricular activities ensure the best online schooling experience for a student. Multiple classes, workshops, camps or internships ensure that the students remain socially active while studying in online schools. Spending time with family and friends is also important.
However, during these times when it’s difficult to plan outdoor activities, many indoor activities can be scheduled. Virtual meetups with friends, peers and teachers can help in making the day productive. These must be incorporated in the time table to create a systematic routine.
Online schools such as International Schooling have come to the rescue of students not just in present times of the Coronavirus threat but in multiple situations before.
International Schooling offers digital resources, sessions and expert guidance to make sure that the transition goes smoothly for both parents and students.
You can go ahead and book a demo session to get guidance on the transition from the existing school to the online one.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Finish High School Online … Plug-in for Unplugged Learning

A Forced Vacation

A luxurious hotel set against a breathtaking backdrop of a beach, surrounded by lush greens. Exotic suites with exquisite designs, lobbies and balconies decorated with stunning chandeliers and artworks. A hundred Guests from different corners of the world are invited to stay for four days and three nights. Accommodation, food and drinks were on the house. At the end of their stay, they were asked to review the hotel. The hotel got a big zero and much flak. Yes, that’s true. Want to know why? The guests were not allowed to move out of their rooms, and they were made to eat the same food over and over again. Would you like to stay at such a hotel, even for free? At least I won’t. Isn’t it shocking? Is the story real? Do such hotels exist?
It’s a true story. We are the owners and promoters of such hotels, and the unfortunate guests are, our kids. We send them off to luxurious schools, loaded with facilities where rote memorization is forced down their throats. Every student is made to learn the same subject and expected to grasp it at the same time and produce the same results. Our aim is crystal clear, finish high school. Instead, education is finished. We spend our hard-earned money on personalized experiences on anything but education.

Why Digital Education or online high school?

Digitization has transformed education from curriculum-centric to student-centric. Enrollment into online schooling for high school levels enables to combat the flaws of the traditional brick and mortar education system by providing a customized instruction set and student-teacher interactions on digital platforms, which allows every student to explore and express.
High schools online are no miracles developed overnight; they have evolved to provide pedagogical practices making learning happen.

Knowledge is valued

Students in traditional high schools often struggle with sharing thoughts and listening. High schools online implement paired communication, student-teacher, student-student and teacher-parent-student as well. Such interactions result in knowledge exchange, not just knowledge delivery from one end to another. Students can explore all avenues of the topic(s) of their interest while pursuing education through online schooling.

Learning never sleeps

Digitization has closed the gaps; now learning is omnipresent. The reach is beyond boundaries. All students and teachers reside in your smart devices and are a click away. High schools online are always at a learner’s disposal. Teachers can wield their tremendous power and create an impact on every single student they meet online. Online schooling seems fairly easy as there is always ground for communication through digital channels.

Content in discomfort

High schools online are a new concept. Even teachers are learning to deal with digitization. It’s a blessing in disguise for students, as online schooling is not based on the one-to-many model as compared to traditional high schools. It’s a pure one-to-one model. Students can improve their communication skills and express themselves confidently. Students, as well as teachers, are co-creators and co-learners. Finally, a high school where both, students and teachers are on the same page.

Finish High School Online – Just Click to Connect

International Schooling, the first online school outside the US territory, accredited by AdvancED, headquartered in Singapore. International Schooling serves middle and high school students (grades 6 to 12) allowing them to choose from more than 70 middle and high school courses. Furthermore, Advanced Placement courses are designed for undergraduate students to prepare for admission to Ivy League colleges. The digital content is meticulously prepared to enhance the quality of learning to support individual learning needs. Students can finish high school online along with an authentic outcome as International Schooling provides an American High School Diploma accredited by AdvancED. At International Schooling, learners are supported to become self-directed, which makes it a worthy option to pursue online schooling for high schools. High-quality education is available at your doorstep, with International Schooling.
Flexible learning with high-quality authentic outcomes, in short, online schooling. In addition to this, high schools online will evolve further with evolving technology and constant feedback from all the pedagogical elements.
Switching to high schools online is a significant challenge as swallowing your rigid notions requires courage. One can make life a vacation or crave for a vacation for life. Finish high school online to comprehendible learning.

Growing popularity of Online High Schools - Top 7 reasons explained

Creativity and advancement have brought forth the rush of digitalization in education. Online schools have achieved genuine learning. Online schools can stay aware of changing needs in education. Online schools give a pervasive chance to open innovativeness and tap the capability of each student. The worldwide online learning business sector will net more than 243 billion USD by 2022 (Statista, 2019). A significant portion of students, educators, and guardians bolster online schools because of different reasons. 

Here are the reasons for the demand of online schools:

Expand your Choices 

Online schools practice self-guided and adaptable learning. Online schools permit students to expand profitability in the least time. Students aiming for grades/credits in conventional schools are spoilt for choice in digital schools. Online schools have an arrangement of courses – Full-credit courses, half-credit courses, fast track courses, vocational and advanced placement courses. Customize your bundle and begin learning. 

Interactive Sessions 

We belong to the era of customization. Online schools give an individualized and strong guidance set to all the students. Educator - students learning sessions are one-on-one interactive sessions loaded with vivid, high-calibre, and meaningful content. Students can raise and clear their queries easily. Students, as well as guardians, can interact with instructors through e-mails and texts too, which makes it less scary for students to connect with educators. Instructors can talk with students and guardians, not just to them, to address their concerns. 

Overwhelming Deadlines not Anymore 

Online schools don't come after you with deadlines. Credit-Hour framework is characterized unmistakably for each course, all-out time which should be committed is stated per course. Students can focus on their interests without stressing over deadlines. You can slow down or quicken, according to your comfort, without stressing over the deadlines. Online schools don't punish students for late work. Rather, projects are finished with help provided in the form of digital discussions with teachers online.

Focus on Active Living 

Online high schools acclimate to your body clock, not the other way around. Students can plan their time according to their interests. They can effectively take part in physical exercises, sports, extra-curricular activities, and field trips alongside their learning time. Try not to expect that courses at online schools are simple and you can get self-satisfied about your investigations. Online substance is engaging and intriguing, the set up is adaptable however reassuring students to become pro learners and excel in their respective fields. 

Liberated from Fee Woes 

A recent study led by HSBC on more than 8K guardians hailing from 15 nations uncovers: 

Guardians spend ~ 45K USD on a normal on their kid's education. 82% of guardians are prepared to make personal sacrifices for their children to succeed.

Online schools have made affordable education easily accessible to every student. Guardians can now spend their hard-earned money in moderation without relinquishing their wants. Money spent on online education is money well spent. Online schooling paves the way for instilling soft skills such as critical thinking, decision making, and creative thinking. You can get good returns on your investment as the content is innovative, which fosters self-learning and independent thinking. Virtual schools share high-quality education with all without making it a high priced commodity.

Summer Schools without the Scorching Heat 

  • To get ahead of other students
  • To repeat a course for a better score
  • To earn credit in a failed course
  • To pursue a vocational course

Online high school cover all your learning needs making learning autonomous for all reasons. You can easily enhance your skillset by enrolling with a virtual school.

Subject to Upgradation 

Online schools are dynamic frameworks dependent on digital platforms. Virtual schools can be redesigned as feedback is readily available. Innovative and engaging content and courses can be included according to students' adapting needs. All the pedagogical elements are at the same level in an online school. Indeed, even educators are students at this platform. Virtual schools can cater to the world’s changing educational needs. Educators can innovatively disperse content encouraging students to give independent solutions. Digital education is not distant if you are willing to go the distance.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Merits of Accreditation for Schools and Students?

Quality certification is the most basic part influencing the performance of schools/learning centres/educational organizations. Schools no longer fill in as a mere place for obtaining an education – schools today should guarantee that they provide education of the highest possible academic standards.

To lead new frameworks of learning, incorporate, and guarantee quality inside existing educational practices, foundational assessment of schools is conducted, known as accreditation. 

"Accreditation gives schools an autonomous seal of endorsement that offers credibility to students' transcripts and diplomas and guarantees guardians that everything a school does – from how it is led and uses its resources to its quality of instruction, assessment, and programs of study – meets high guidelines. However, accreditation additionally furnishes educational and community leaders with a framework to continuously assess the quality of the institution they lead and better meet the needs of every student." ~ Dr Annette Bohling, Chief Accreditation Officer, Cognia. 

Cognia, the world's biggest accrediting body and a community of prominent educators conducts an intensive review process and throws light on strengths and areas of progress for schools. A Cognia accredited school implies that the school/establishment has qualified teachers, and affirmed learning programs, sound monetary base, is technically equipped and operates on appropriate admission policies.

Accreditation has numerous benefits for schools and students:

Quality Check – The accredited status of a school is a green sign to students and guardians that the school's physical and academic infrastructure meets minimum threshold standards. The veracity of the educational's system is tested during the accreditation procedure to address every concern regarding the quality of education.

Discover Federal Funds – To gain access to federal funds such as student aid, the school/ institution must be accredited by a recognized accrediting body. The United States federal government relies on accreditation to determine the academic quality and ensures that an institution is stable fiscally to serve students well.

A Hallmark of Credibility – Students from accredited private learning institutions/ schools receive validated transcripts and diplomas which are accepted globally by universities, colleges, and employers. Accreditation acts as a stamp of approval on students’ transcripts as it ensures that the educational programs offered, meet the accreditation criteria, and present a validated educational background to employers. Students receive authentic American qualifications having a worldwide acceptance.  

Ease of Credit Transfer – Accreditation guarantees students for seamless transfer of courses and programs among colleges and universities. Receiving institutions always check whether the institution from which a student wishes to transfer credits is accredited or not.

The procedure of accreditation can be a significant step for schools towards improving their effectiveness. We, at International Schooling, offer Certification Partnership to schools, conduct rigorous reviews, on-site visits, certify them to be a part of the global Cognia network of renowned accredited institutions and school systems. We partner with K-12 schools, institutions, learning centres, or corporates and offer them to turn into our Program Partners, as an additional advantage. Our Program Partners can include their own courses and programs and can offer them in association with us.

With us, schools can move more purposefully, evolve their learning outcomes and better meet the demands of students.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Corona Pandemic Affecting Students Across The World

News about a dangerous infection that showed up in Wuhan, China in December (presently called 2019 novel coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV) has gained a lot of attention recently. What's more, as the quantity of cases is rising, it is very normal to get worried about keeping oneself from getting contaminated with this spooky infection. The far-reaching rollout of Coronavirus has influenced all the age groups. From the industrial sector to the education sector, almost everything has stopped. To battle such fast multiplication, schools, and universities in China, yet additionally, South Asian nations have been closed down. Here, we will give you the most recent information on how schools and universities are managing the episode of Coronavirus that is affecting students around the world.

How extreme is the circumstance on Coronavirus internationally? 

As of eleventh February 2020; there have been about 15,000 affirmed cases and 1000 affirmed passings ascribed to 2019-nCoV, as per the World Health Organization (WHO). 99% of the proof and the entirety of the passings have been in China. As per the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 26 nations have so far announced such cases. Those with affirmed cases either live in China or had gone from China to different spots. There were 6 cases in the US in 4 states, for example, Arizona, California, Illinois, and Washington. Another 160 individuals in 36 states are being assessed for suspected contamination with this coronavirus illness. 

Coronavirus or "Wuhan infection" in China affecting students globally :

While Southeast Asia is facing the coronavirus disease, students are extremely affected. As most of the schools in China had deferred their first term, numerous students had taken the opportunity to return home to celebrate the New Year. Numerous schools and organizations have postponed the beginning of their spring-semester classes, which will be taught remotely using digital learning. A few colleges that conduct projects in China have suspended and students are trying to reach digital schooling for their further studies.

Coronavirus evacuees arrive in Singapore from China: 

In Singapore; gatherings, camps, festivals, and other enormous gatherings and shared exercises have been suspended from Wednesday, February fifth onwards after the first local transmission of the Coronavirus was reported on Tuesday, February fourth. Break times in schools will also be spread out, even though co-curricular exercises and after-school projects may proceed in small groups. Guardians are choosing to homeschool so that their kids can study from home. A few schools are open, yet regular health check-ups, temperature screening for all kids, faculty, and visitors will continue to be done.

How is Sydney influenced? 

Presently in Sydney, a few schools have prohibited students, who had recently visited China from coming back to class without clinical testaments, as concerns grow about the spread of Coronavirus. An appeal on calling for NSW (New South Wales) school students to be kept home for two weeks after returning from China has received more than 12,000 signatures in 24 hours. 

Coronavirus influencing students in New Zealand :

The country’s schools have been placed into bedlam after the government’s abrupt restricting of outside nationals coming back to New Zealand from China. Not only did the ban affect students coming in, but also a formerly planned school exchange trip involving 30 students to their sister school in Guangzhou city has been deferred.  

Is there an option to attain education in such a circumstance?

The intensity with which Coronavirus has hit the whole South-East Asian area and a couple of different districts over the world has made us think over the implications in the near future. The students have been affected as their studies are hindered. As previously mentioned, numerous schools and universities have been closed down. In this manner, numerous schools, colleges, and universities over the globe are expanding support by delivering courses digitally. This way students can continue with their studies without being stressed about attending school physically.

The spread of the Coronavirus over the Lunar New Year occasion has implied the delay of the school and school semesters driving students to remain at home and take online schooling. Instead of falling behind, numerous students have just started taking in full-time online courses from self-teaching instruction. China is presently investigating the digital education options as school and school specialists have deferred the new semester of this current year. Students can learn new aptitudes through online training, for example, speaking naturally in front of a camera or using a digital pen during PowerPoint presentations.

InternationalSchooling is one of the popular and affordable options for continuing one’s school education.

As per the world health Organization (WHO), China's Ministry of Education gave an announcement last Thursday, February sixth, urging students to study from the digital learning platform as an alternative way of learning amid the suspension of the new semester. There are likewise plans to dispatch a national internet cloud classroom giving a full scope of study materials and courses for students of all grades. As indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and State Media Xinhua, in China as of Sunday, February ninth, in excess of 230 education bureaus in 20 Chinese provinces had joined the digital learning program, covering 20,000 primary and secondary schools and 12 million students. 

Precisely to what extent it will take for the virus to wipe out is difficult as there are as of now no immunizers that ensure us against it. Coronavirus is seriously influencing students yet we plan to recover their studies back on track through digital learning.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

How can you get a high school diploma online?

With all the problems facing Traditional Educations nowadays, like teachers being overwhelmed by the Teacher-Student ratio, rampant bullying, violence, and an outdated Educational System that does not fully prepare students to compete at an International Level as all surveys conducted have concluded, both Students and Parents from across the Nation are now turning their attention onto Online Schooling and securing a High School Diploma thanks to the help of the Information technology we have today.
Online Education is rapidly becoming the preferred choice among-st High School, students as it adapts much better to the current needs of today's youth. There is a strong connection between Students and technology, as they have become accustomed to it from a young age.
With all of this in mind, it comes as no surprise why Online Schooling is becoming so popular. This is an incredible tool that provides your Children with a top-notch quality Education, while the parent is 100% involved. Kids today can definitely make the most of this resource.
Now, after all that, all you are left wondering is just how to get an American high school diploma online? Well, a quick search online will have you surfing through hundreds of options available to achieve the goal of getting a high school diploma, and for that reason, you have to learn to separate the good, the bad, and the ugly. But don't despair we are here to help you navigate through the many options and then pick the one that fits you.
There are multiple services offering tuition-free services from K-12 Grade with the typical flexibility characteristic of this learning tool, which allows the Students to come up with a scheduling system that benefits them guaranteeing you'll get a Diploma in your own time, with absolutely no pressure at all.
When looking for an Online School, make sure that whichever you choose meets the state and national standards of Education, or shoots beyond them. Some of those Online Schools are accredited by AdvancED which is one of six accrediting organizations in the US.
It is of the utmost importance to pick only those Online Schools who offer an accredited American high school diploma from one of those six organizations, as it is the only way your Degree can be validated. But this also serves as proof of the level of commitment and educational finesse these Schools may have, ensuring that you will be getting a quality education that will prepare your Children for the Challenges of College and beyond.
The Books, Curricula, supplies and even computer equipment is provided by these Schools, although you have to check their policy about it, as it varies from organization to organization as well as from state to state. 
Make sure that all basic subjects are covered by your Online School, Math, Science, Arts, Language, and Social Studies, and also look for their catalogue of Elective Courses as this are where these services tend to outperform traditionally Schools.
After you have completed your Study Program, you will receive your high school diploma and you can be confident that the education you have gotten will allow you to rank higher than your traditionally schooled peers.   

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Importance of online high school diploma in your life

There has been a substantial improvement in technology in recent times. This has led to all the activities which we are doing move over the internet due to the inherent advantages which it has to offer to its users. One can expect many advantages due to the increased computational power of the online world and also the rapid results which it tends to provide.

With this shift, one needs to understand the likely scope which is existing in the online world and how they can take its advantage to progress in their career. It will help them to be more productive and have a more beneficial career in the near time. Even it will reduce the requirement of having a physical organization which can provide education as most of that can be obtained over the online platform.

Importance of online high school diploma in your life

It has become quite popular to get access to a large amount of data available online. This has also resulted in a large amount of information overload affecting people due to different online communities. For this, it is required to have a platform where one can have various courses arranged in a sequential manner to make it easier for the users. We have discussed here a few such advantages which one can have due to the online high school diploma course in their life.

Guidance from experts: As the online courses which are running is mostly by experts from around the world. One can thereby be rest assured to have the best guidance about the field in which they are working from these experts. Even there will be other facilitators which will be constantly helping you to progress ahead in the career in the best possible manner.

Decent discussion community: Online platforms will even provide you with the discussion community where you can have a discussion with your peers and your facilitators about the doubts which you have about a particular topic. This will help in the timely resolution of the issues or the doubts which you might have in the courses which are offered.

Certification from the top school: Even one can expect to have the certification which they will have to be from the top school worldwide. Different schools and institutions are doing the online high school diploma programmer to train a large number of individuals worldwide. They are having a set target of training them. As the numbers of participants are quite high in this training, even the charges which you have to pay will tend to be minimal. So you can have training from the top high school online with minimum charges.

Discussion :

Thus, we can say that with the recent advancement in different areas of technology, it is quite important to ensure that every individual is trained enough in their respective areas. This poses the importance of the online high school diploma training which can facilitate these individuals. They will be getting the desired training from the top high school with the minimum charges on these courses and many of them are even free.