Sunday, March 15, 2020

How Accreditation can Benefit Schools and Students?

Quality assurance is the most critical component affecting the performance of schools/ learning centres/ educational institutions. Schools no longer serve as a mere venue for receiving an education – schools today must ensure that they provide education of the highest possible academic standards.

To spearhead new systems of learning, integrate and ensure quality within existing educational systems, systemic evaluation of schools is conducted, known as accreditation.

“Accreditation provides schools with an independent seal of approval that gives credibility to students’ transcripts and diplomas and assures parents that everything a school does – from how it is led and uses its resources to its quality of instruction, assessment and programs of study – meets high standards. But accreditation also provides educational and community leaders with a framework to continuously assess the quality of the institution they lead and better meet the needs of every student.” ~ Dr Annette Bohling, Chief Accreditation Officer, Cognia.

Cognia, the world’s largest accrediting body and a community of prominent educators, conducts an intensive review process and throws light on strengths and areas of improvement for schools. A Cognia accredited school means that the school/institution has qualified educators, an approved learning programs, sound financial base, is technically equipped and operates on appropriate admission policies.

Accreditation has manifold benefits for schools and students:

Quality Check – The accredited status of a school is a green signal to students and parents that the school’s physical and academic infrastructure meets minimum threshold standards. The veracity of the school’s system is tested during the accreditation process to address every concern regarding the quality of education.

Find Federal Funds – To gain access to federal funds such as student aid, the school/ institution must be accredited by a recognised accrediting body. The United States federal government relies on accreditation to determine the academic quality and ensures that an institution is stable fiscally to serve students well.

A Hallmark of Credibility – Students from accredited private learning institutions/ schools receive validated transcripts and diplomas which are accepted globally by universities, colleges and employers. Accreditation acts as a stamp of approval on students’ transcripts as it ensures that the educational programs offered, meet the accreditation criteria and present a validated educational background to employers. Students receive authentic American qualification having a worldwide acceptance.  

Ease of Credit Transfer – Accreditation ensures students for seamless transfer of courses and programs among colleges and universities. Receiving institutions always check whether the institution from which a student wishes to transfer credits is accredited or not.

Advanced Placement Courses – Only accredited schools/ institutions can offer Advanced Placement or AP courses. Students can earn college credits while schooling by opting for AP courses.

The process of accreditation can be a major step for schools towards improving their effectiveness. We, at International Schooling, offer Certification Partnership to schools, conduct rigorous reviews, on-site visits, certify them to be a part of the global Cognia network of renowned accredited institutions and school systems. We partner with K-12 schools, institutions, learning centres or corporates and offer them to become our Program Partners, as an added benefit. Our Program Partners can add their own courses and programs and can offer them in association with us.

With us, schools can move more purposefully, evolve their learning outcomes and better meet the demands of students.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

How is Coronavirus Affecting Students Around The World

News about a deadly virus that appeared in Wuhan, China in December (now called 2019 novel coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV) has gained a lot of attention recently. And as the number of cases is rising, it is quite natural to get stressed about preventing oneself from getting infected with this deathly virus. The widespread rollout of Coronavirus has affected all the age groups. From the industrial sector to the education sector, everything has come to a halt. In fact, to combat such rapid proliferation, schools and colleges in not just China, but also in a lot of South Asian countries have been shut down. Here, we will give you the latest information on how schools and colleges are dealing with the outbreak of Coronavirus that is affecting students around the world.

How severe is the situation on Coronavirus globally?

As of 11th February 2020; there have been nearly 15,000 confirmed cases and 1000 confirmed deaths attributed to 2019-nCoV, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). 99% of the evidence and all of the deaths have been in China. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 26 countries have so far reported such cases. Nearly all of those with confirmed cases either live in China or had travelled from China to other places. There were 6 cases in the US in 4 states, i.e. Arizona, California, Illinois and Washington. Another 160 people in 36 states are being evaluated for suspected infection with this coronavirus disease.

Coronavirus or “Wuhan virus” in China affecting students from across the globe:

Entire Southeast Asia is facing the deadly coronavirus disease and students are profoundly affected. As the majority of schools in China had postponed their first term, many students had taken the opportunity to return home to celebrate the New Year. Many colleges and institutions have delayed the start of their spring-semester classes, which will be taught remotely using online learning. Several universities that conduct programs in China have suspended and students are trying to reach online schooling for their further studies.

Coronavirus evacuees arrive in Singapore from China:

In Singapore; assemblies, camps, mass celebrations and other large group and communal activities have been suspended from Wednesday, February 5th onwards after the first local transmission of the Coronavirus was reported on Tuesday, February 4th. Recess times in schools will also be spread out, although co-curricular activities and after-school programs may continue in smaller groups. Parents are opting for homeschooling so that their children can study from home. Some schools are open, but regular health check-ups, temperature screening for all children, staff and visitors will continue to be done.

How is Sydney affected?

Now in Sydney, several private schools have banned students, who had recently visited China, from returning to school without medical certificates, as concerns grow about the spread of Coronavirus. A petition on calling for NSW (New South Wales) school students to be kept home for two weeks after returning from China has received more than 12,000 signatures in 24 hours. 

Coronavirus affecting students in New Zealand

The country’s schools have been put into chaos after the government’s sudden banning of foreign nationals returning to New Zealand from China. Not only did the ban affect students coming in, but also a previously planned school exchange trip involving 30 students to their sister school in Guangzhou city has been postponed.  

Is there an alternative to attain education in such a situation?

The magnitude with which Coronavirus has hit the entire South-East Asian region and a few other regions across the world has made us ponder over the implications in the near future. The young learners have been impacted as their studies are interrupted. As aforementioned, many schools and colleges have been shut down. Therefore, many schools, universities and colleges across the globe are extending support by delivering courses online. This way students can continue with their studies without being stressed about attending school physically.
The spread of the Coronavirus over the Lunar New Year holiday has meant the postponement of the school and college semesters forcing students to stay at home and take online schooling. Rather than falling behind, many students have already begun learning full-time online courses from homeschooling education. China is now exploring online education options as school and college authorities have postponed the new semester of this year. Students can learn new skills through online education, such as speaking naturally in front of a camera or using a digital pen during PowerPoint presentations.
International Schooling is one of the popular and affordable options for continuing one’s school education.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), China’s Ministry of Education issued a statement last Thursday, February 6th, encouraging students to study from homeschooling platform as an alternative way of learning amid the suspension of the new semester. There are also plans to launch a national internet cloud classroom providing a full range of study materials and courses for students of all grades. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and State Media Xinhua, in China as of Sunday, February 9th, more than 230 education bureaus in 20 Chinese provinces had joined homeschooling program, covering 20,000 primary and secondary schools and 12 million students.
Exactly how long it will take for the virus to eliminate is unknown as there are currently no vaccines that protect us against it. Coronavirus is severely affecting students but we hope to get their studies back on track through online learning.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

How can you get a high school diploma online?

With all the problems facing Traditional Educations nowadays, like teachers being overwhelmed by the Teacher-Student ratio, rampant bullying, violence, and an outdated Educational System that does not fully prepare students to compete at an International Level as all surveys conducted have concluded, both Students and Parents from across the Nation are now turning their attention onto Online Schooling and securing a High School Diploma thanks to the help of the Information technology we have today.
Online Education is rapidly becoming the preferred choice among-st High School, students as it adapts much better to the current needs of today's youth. There is a strong connection between Students and technology, as they have become accustomed to it from a young age.
With all of this in mind, it comes as no surprise why Online Schooling is becoming so popular. This is an incredible tool that provides your Children with a top-notch quality Education, while the parent is 100% involved. Kids today can definitely make the most of this resource.
Now, after all that, all you are left wondering is just how to get an American high school diploma online? Well, a quick search online will have you surfing through hundreds of options available to achieve the goal of getting a high school diploma, and for that reason, you have to learn to separate the good, the bad, and the ugly. But don't despair we are here to help you navigate through the many options and then pick the one that fits you.
There are multiple services offering tuition-free services from K-12 Grade with the typical flexibility characteristic of this learning tool, which allows the Students to come up with a scheduling system that benefits them guaranteeing you'll get a Diploma in your own time, with absolutely no pressure at all.
When looking for an Online School, make sure that whichever you choose meets the state and national standards of Education, or shoots beyond them. Some of those Online Schools are accredited by AdvancED which is one of six accrediting organizations in the US.
It is of the utmost importance to pick only those Online Schools who offer an accredited American high school diploma from one of those six organizations, as it is the only way your Degree can be validated. But this also serves as proof of the level of commitment and educational finesse these Schools may have, ensuring that you will be getting a quality education that will prepare your Children for the Challenges of College and beyond.
The Books, Curricula, supplies and even computer equipment is provided by these Schools, although you have to check their policy about it, as it varies from organization to organization as well as from state to state. 
Make sure that all basic subjects are covered by your Online School, Math, Science, Arts, Language, and Social Studies, and also look for their catalogue of Elective Courses as this are where these services tend to outperform traditionally Schools.
After you have completed your Study Program, you will receive your high school diploma and you can be confident that the education you have gotten will allow you to rank higher than your traditionally schooled peers.   

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Importance of online high school diploma in your life

There has been a substantial improvement in technology in recent times. This has led to all the activities which we are doing move over the internet due to the inherent advantages which it has to offer to its users. One can expect many advantages due to the increased computational power of the online world and also the rapid results which it tends to provide.

With this shift, one needs to understand the likely scope which is existing in the online world and how they can take its advantage to progress in their career. It will help them to be more productive and have a more beneficial career in the near time. Even it will reduce the requirement of having a physical organization which can provide education as most of that can be obtained over the online platform.

Importance of online high school diploma in your life

It has become quite popular to get access to a large amount of data available online. This has also resulted in a large amount of information overload affecting people due to different online communities. For this, it is required to have a platform where one can have various courses arranged in a sequential manner to make it easier for the users. We have discussed here a few such advantages which one can have due to the online high school diploma course in their life.

Guidance from experts: As the online courses which are running is mostly by experts from around the world. One can thereby be rest assured to have the best guidance about the field in which they are working from these experts. Even there will be other facilitators which will be constantly helping you to progress ahead in the career in the best possible manner.

Decent discussion community: Online platforms will even provide you with the discussion community where you can have a discussion with your peers and your facilitators about the doubts which you have about a particular topic. This will help in the timely resolution of the issues or the doubts which you might have in the courses which are offered.

Certification from the top school: Even one can expect to have the certification which they will have to be from the top school worldwide. Different schools and institutions are doing the online high school diploma programmer to train a large number of individuals worldwide. They are having a set target of training them. As the numbers of participants are quite high in this training, even the charges which you have to pay will tend to be minimal. So you can have training from the top high school online with minimum charges.

Discussion :

Thus, we can say that with the recent advancement in different areas of technology, it is quite important to ensure that every individual is trained enough in their respective areas. This poses the importance of the online high school diploma training which can facilitate these individuals. They will be getting the desired training from the top high school with the minimum charges on these courses and many of them are even free.

Monday, September 24, 2018

How online schooling can make your child's career successful?

According to multiple surveys conducted in the United States, the expending assigned to Education has been on the rise for several years now in all levels, Federal, State, Local and even Private Schools. The Education system has certainly made a turn for the better and has had a phenomenal performance over the past few decades.
You may be asking if Schools and the overall educational system is so perfect, why is homeschooling still a thing? Why are people still opting for online schooling for their children? Well, there is no denying that the Schools are the incubators of our Children's future successes, and for that reason, the real questions you should be asking are, Is it a High School the best way to measure success? Does it really guarantee that all students who make it to the end of High School will do well and be successful in life? Well, the answer to both questions is a big NO.
Under no circumstances, a degree or a diploma offers a look into the future success of a Student. All this The document does is talk about the academic value of a Student and nothing more. This is no way a tool that can foresee how a student will develop in the Corporate World.
In order to compete in today's World, the Students require a little more than just academic knowledge and that is the reason why Online Schooling still exists today and carry more power than ever.  
Why Homeschooling and Online Schooling is the best path to success?
As mentioned before, Educational Achievements shouldn't be the only way to measure success now or in the future, they are just part a larger scheme of skillets a Student must have if he or she want to be successful in the Corporate World. The advantage of Homeschooling or Online Schooling is that they offer an overabundance of opportunities that traditional Schooling does not. Right off the bat, you have flexibility which on its own is more than enough, but there are so many more. Look for example at the Teacher-Students ratio, in traditional Schooling, this is a serious issue, Teachers are being overwhelmed causing them to quit and pursue other, more lucrative careers, with Online Schooling this is not a problem.
Raising questions is highly encourage also, and the best part is that the environment allows them without the possibility of being ridiculed by your peers, which in turns increases the levels of confidence of the Student. The option to come up with your own Schedule, the integration between other students and teachers from around the globe, the interactive study material, and the affordable costs, amongst others are some of the greatest advantages Online Schooling has. 
Students can finally be part of a highly effective learning system that not only provides the Student with the much-coveted High School Diploma but also with all the other necessary skills a Students need to become truly successful in today's World.    

Friday, September 14, 2018

Different homeschooling advantages which you can have in your life

Technology has advanced over a rapid rate in recent times. It is responsible for changing our life drastically by even making us dependent on the technology for many of the tasks which we are performing. Even it is helping us in simplifying the tasks which we are doing and making us capable of dealing with many of the difficult situations by use of this technology.

Schooling is the most important part of any individual’s life where they are getting a chance to learn different things and concepts which will be useful to them in the real world. This showcases the importance which school carries and the benefits which one can have by taking proper education when they are at the school level.

Homeschooling advantages which one can have

There are a number of benefits which homeschooling carries. It is also gaining popularity due to the increase in the spread of technology and the internet around the world. People are now accepting the online learning platform due to the flexibility which it offers to them. We have discussed here a few of the homeschooling advantages which it carries.

Flexibility: It provides amazing flexibility to the participants. They can access the course videos based on their own time frame, give an exam sitting at their favourite place and so on. All these things are the main concepts which are resulting in widespread of the homeschooling to get popular among the number of participants which exists worldwide. People are also getting a chance to remotely discuss with other participants and facilitators about their progress in the course and what are the points on which they are stuck.

Guidance from best people: When you are involved in the online course, you will be facing the people who are best in their domain. It will help you to get the desired best guidance for the course with which you are involved. Even it will help you to remain ahead in terms of academics as compared to your friends who are going to high school for the studying purpose.

Low cost: Online courses will be having a large number of participants from around the world. This will benefit the organizers to keep lower prices for the course per participants. Ultimately it will be benefiting you to have the desired course performed with the minimum cost charged and from the best high school from around the world. One can thereby have the best qualifications in their resume with the minimum cost and showcase their talent in their future career or jobs which they are going to seek. This will be helping them to transform their career in the best possible manner with the desired benefits.


Thus, we can say that there are a number of homeschooling advantages which one should consider. This is resulting in a large number of individuals from around the world now prefer it to be their career opportunity for enhancing their career in a more effective manner. Even it will help you to achieve the desired qualification by sitting at your home with minimal charges.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

4 Ways to Revive your Online Teaching Strategy when Homeschooling in Singapore

The internet is everywhere now and has made its way into academics as well. If you have not come across online teaching till now, it’s high time you opened the doors to Homeschooling in Singapore. On the contrary, if you have been teaching online, you may want to reconsider your strategies and update your tech skills. Irrespective of where you are, online teaching is the next big thing and as a teacher, you must brace yourself for its impact.

This post lists down 4 invaluable ways in which you can revive and re-plan your online teaching techniques. The concept has come a long way than mere video lectures and the following pointers will help you to improve your teaching methods. The online environment has massive advantages and you must use it to its full potential.

Traditional video lectures will soon be obsolete. It does become difficult for students if they to wait a full hour to place their questions via email. Homeschooling in Singapore gives you chat options, where learners can post their doubts immediately and you can answer them live over the video.
Also, chat options enable virtual homeschooling students to interact among themselves as well. This brings in the classroom feeling and encourages healthy communication. Employ Hangouts or Skype and make your sessions interactive.

Make your live feed fun

A dull white background for all your lectures can become monotonous for your students. Consider changing the scene to a nearby park or your bookshelf in the drawing-room. This way, students connect with the classes more and pay better attention.

A child playing behind you in the park may not always act as a distraction. You can use this to start a personal conversation which will make you more human to your students. After all, it becomes difficult to believe the screen always and this eliminates this fact.

Traditional classrooms have this restriction that all your real-life examples will mainly depend on the student’s imaginative capacity. The case is not so in the digital world. If you want to quote a famous personality or talk about NASA’s rockets, you can show actual videos or images in between your lectures.

Visuals grab your student’s attention. Simply play a YouTube video or use a software that lets you skip to image galleries during your feed. This will improve your teaching method in a great way.

Employ the full power of emails

Homeschooling in Singapore provides you an online world and lets you have students from all over the world. Emails can make communication that much easy. With today’s technology, you can design emails as a visually perfect brochure and send the same email to a whole list of IDs.

Sum up your weeks’ lecture into a short presentation or video and send them over via email. Even if your students are at different time-zones, each one can reply back in their own time. You can also send over assignments, get in feedback via forms and do so much more.

Online teaching only sounds challenging but today’s technology is making it easier by the day. You don’t have to be a tech expert to harness its full potential. Use these strategies, improvise with your own methods and rule the online academic world.